Travel in Sudan

Travel in Sudan

【Port Sudan】

Port Sudan is the capital of Red Sea province lying on the east coast of the Red Sea which is the largest port city in Sudan. Attractive sea views, diving, eating seafood are the major items of Port Sudan tourism. Red Sea resorts is built on a stretched out beach with a dozen rooms as well as a restaurant, a gazebo and a small stage. Red Sea rarely has big waves. The sea water seems to be streaming from the sky in the colors of light blue and dark blue. The sea and the sky linked together.



【Sudan Pyramid】

Almost everyone in the world knows about Egypt and its ancient pyramids, but few people knows that Sudan, the close neighbor of Egypt also has a different kind of similar style buildings, which is well-known as Merowe dynasty tombs in history of the Sudan. Many people love to name they small pyramids. They are hidden in the desert of Nile province, 240 kilometers north of Khartoum with a total of more than 220 pyramids. They are tombs for the most well-known Meroe dynasty in Sudan history and listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Directory in 2011.


【Sudan National Museum】

Sudan National Museum, the largest museum in Sudan, was established in 1971. The two large stone sculptures at the door of the exhibition hall have obvious signs of Egyptian culture. Sudan National Museum is divided into two floors, the first floor is an exhibition of mainly ancient Egyptian artifacts as well as artifacts of several important periods of Nile river region in Sudan history. in the second floor there is an exhibition of ancient Christian frescoes. The light in the hall was very professional designed. Soft light spilled down from the hole in the roof and reflected in the key part of the mural. in the courtyard of the museum, there are three glass houses and within each house, there is one temple preserved. Thees temples were originally located on the banks of Nile river in northern Sudan near the Egyptian border. Since the 1950s, Egypt started to build the Aswan Reservoir, in order to protect these temples from the rising river, offsite preservation was implemented. They were dismembered and moved to Khartoum, and then restored together. These temples have beautifully colored frescoes and hieroglyphics relief. In addition, the museum has a lot of small Egyptian style sculptures.


【Sudan Nile Leisure Farm】

Sudan Nile Leisure Farm, located on the east bank of the White Nile River, is 55 kilometers south of Khartoum with only one-hour’s drive from the Hotel. As a property under the same Group, the farm is completed with all weather services including catering and accommodation, ordinary guest bedrooms, resort family (couple) suites with an exotic touch as well as a standard meeting room, indoor badminton court, table tennis table, billiards room, card & mahjong rooms, KTV boxes and a small gym. Moreover, the Farm possesses outdoor sports and leisure services covering an elevated view deck for Nile sunset, a private barbecue zone, a standard swimming pool (short course), a basketball court, 3 fishing ponds and water sports on Nile River (jet boats), etc. Meanwhile, high speed wifi covers the aforesaid areas. In addition, the ever growing young trees, the seedling orchard and well maintained green houses of the Chinese vegetables contribute to the farm as a multi-functional comprehensive product combined leisure, tourism, resort, entertainment and business into one.







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