Membership Policy

Membership Card Administrative Rules of Nantong Hotel


1.Types of Membership Card

△VIP membership stored-value card

2.Privileges for Membership Card

△Cardholder may enjoy 15% discount on guest rooms, 5% on catering (excluding beverages & drinks. Meetings, teams and co-operation companies will not enjoy this discount), 15% on health care & entertainment facilities including KTV, leisure bar, gym center, 10% on farm programs (barbecue, fishing, jet ski, catering, guest rooms), all these discounts shall not be used with other offers or discounts at the same time.

△Cardholder may enjoy value-added services annually such as reward points accumulation etc. 

△Account balance cannot be drawn out.

3.Membership Card Issuing Rules

△If you charge 500 USD or above one time , you will get 25 USD for free, 1000 USD or above you may get 60 USD for free, and 100 USD for 1500 USD or above, 150 USD for 2000 USD or above. The more you charge, the more you get. But you can not get the money and discount at the same time.

△500 USD (or above) shall be charged in the membership card for registration. In case of loss or damage of the card, you may contact the hotel to reissue.

4.Reward point rules and Exchange

△You will earn 1points for every 10 USD spentand the points can be used to exchange for gifts. The points will be valid for one year start from the first points accumulation.

5.Registration Procedure

△When you finish the application form, you may contact the Hotel reception for the member card registration.

6.Rights and Obligations of Members

△ Please show your membership card when check-in & check-out in order to ensure your rights as well as to credit reward points.

△ Regular promotions and special offers for members.

△ For members, if you check-in on your birthday, a birthday cake will be prepared for you free of charge and you may enjoy a 30% discount from  the General Manager on food and beverages for the whole day.

△ Late check-out until 4:00 pm.

△ If the membership card balance is less than 50 dollars, you shall recharge timely (no less than 300 USD on time)or you may not enjoy the member privileges.  

△ All members shall observe these provisions mentioned hereby.

8.Supplementary Provisions

△ Nantong Hotel reserves the right of final interpretation of all the terms, provisions listed in this membership card administrative rules.

△ Any violations to these rules will result in the termination of your membership.



Gym Membership Card Administrative Rules of Nantong Hotel

 △ Types of Membership Card

The Membership Card including: Experience Card, Monthly Card, Seasonal Card, Half-yearly Card & Yearly Card.

Information management for Members

Basic information: Member ID, photo, name, gender, birth date, age, tele. No., occupation, etc.

Membership Card Usage Restrictions

Membership card is permitted to be used by cardholder only. Do not lend it to others. Hotel guest may use the gym free of charge by room card.

Loss of Membership Card

In case of loss of a membership card, the member may contact the gym reception and provide his/her ID card or passport,a new membership card will be reissued on condition that the card is still valid. 4 USD shall be charged for a new card.

Recharge for Different Types of Cards

                                                                                                         Currency Unit:USD


 Experience Card

Monthly Card

Three-monthly Card

Half-yearly Card

Yearly Card







Remarks:Rate for  Experience Card is 3.5 USD/Time.


Nantong Hotel reserves its right of final interpretation of the gym membership card administrative rules.




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